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Hunting in Ontario Canada

Do you like hunting?

The black bear hunt is one of the best in the area with 1,200 sq. miles of controlled hunting area. The hunting package has served many trusted and enthusiastic customers for several years: black bear, moose, white-tailed deer, grouse, wild turkey, waterfowl.

black bear hunt

Northern Ontario is a great place to invest and live in. It offers the Best Value for Resorts and Camps

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Canada is regarded as the largest wildlife reserve in the world, with regions where the natural balance has remained intact over time. Vast expanses of forests where they hunt with their dogs, woodcock, partridge, grouse and grouse, rich in ptarmigan tundra of snow geese, the famous Canadian geese and ducks, Mountain where there is the big game such as bears (grizzly, black bear and polar bear), deer (elk, white-tailed deer and white tail) the moose, caribou, musk ox, mountain lion, bison, mountain goat and stone sheep.

The hunting areas, well-equipped, make the hunters have everything that is necessary for their successful and memorable experience. The black bear is the most common species of bear in America. After hibernation, towards the end of May, their main interest is the food. Visit the baits regularly throughout the day, but mostly in the afternoon and until sunset: the bait you can see from one to three bears every day. Are pretty thin after hibernation, but their weight varies still between around 100 and 200 kg.

The Ontario province is a paradise for hunters. A 1 million square kilometers, is the fourth largest province in Canada with a lower density in the northern part, which provides millions of square kilometers of hunting opportunities. Hunters from around the world are invited and welcome to explore our natural resources managed impeccably and meet your goal of a Canadian hunting trophy. The Canadian government provides non-resident hunters the opportunity to come here and you can find all the rules on the official website

No words can still describe the amazing experiences hunting experienced by our customers in this beautiful land.


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