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Fishing in Ontario Canada

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Thousands of acres of crown land and thousands lakes. Sprawled across one of Northern Ontario’s most beautiful areas, Azure Lake offers a large body of pristine water stretching into countless coves, arms and bays. Ontario has about 160 varieries of fresh water fish.

This beautiful lake winds among narrow channels and rocky shorelines covered in trees and inhabited by native wildlife.

fish camp for sale

Reaching over 300 feet in depth in some places, the lake offers excellent fishing for at least 15 different fish species, including northern pike, yellow perch, ling, lake whitefish, lake herring, white sucker, walleye and lake trout.

Northern Ontario is a great place to invest and live in. It offers the Best Value for Resorts and Camps

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Canada has more lakes and inland waters than any other country in the world.

The Canadian province of Ontario has 250,000 lakes and rivers and streams numbering in the thousands. Fishing is vital to the economy of Ontario, and the fishing industry in this province alone, brings over $ 2.5 billion annually. Much of it in the pursuit of different species of fish sport. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), muskellunge exists in 400 lakes and rivers, walleye living in more than 3,500 lakes and lake trout are found in 2,000 Ontario lakes. Ontario has fishing regulations that apply to residents and visitors. Maps showing the boundaries of each area, water bodies, size limits, open seasons, catch and possession limits, aggregate limits (more than one species) and other relevant regulations are available online or wherever you purchased licenses for fishing. Visitors should familiarize themselves with the specific rules for areas that they plan to visit because every body of water regulations are strictly enforced by conservation officers. You can get more information on the official website

In addition to salmon and trout we can fish muskie and pike bite to artificial topwater and recovered in shallow water, many Wallleye and Yellow Perch be captured in large numbers with light tackle. The ideal location for a trophy fishing and to devote himself to more fish in the same holiday and even on the same day of fishing: the grand slam of Ontario within your reach.

In Ontario the fishing season has four seasons. Each species of fish has its best times!


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